Suzuki KingQuad 400 Manual Transmission 2023

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Call to reserve yours today! 902-436-1066 2021 Suzuki KingQuad 400 F400F THE POWER FOR WORK AND PLAY Task or trail, the KingQuad 400 handles it all with exceptional performance. The KingQuad 400 comes loaded with hard-working features to support you no matter what task you’ve set your mind to. An impressive amount of torque and incredibly wide power band will help you charge through whatever chores or trails are in front of you. Easily switch between two and four-wheel drive modes to optimize performance on this aggressively styled four wheeler. If durability and power are high on your priority list, the KingQuad is the only ATV for you. Features may include: SUZUKI PROTECTION PLAN Suzuki Protection Plan is a comprehensive plan that covers all major components, parts and electrical/computer systems along with all seals and gaskets and shocks on your Suzuki Motorcycle or ATV. Only normal wear or maintenance items are not covered. We’ve built Suzuki Protection Plan around coverage, not exclusions. POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE For more powerful and efficient performance, The KingQuad 400 features a fuel-injected 376cc four-stroke, four-valve engine with new cam profiles and inner structures of the muffler. START-IN-GEAR SYSTEM The KingQuad 400 comes with electric start. A start-in-gear system—functional when the rear brake is applied—allows starting the engine without shifting to neutral when conditions warrant. REVERSE MODE Reverse Mode allows higher RPM range to be used when getting out of mud. ADVANCED COOLING SYSTEM (SACS) The KingQuad 400 is equipped with Suzuki’s Advanced Cooling System (SACS) with factory-installed oil cooler and thermostat-controlled cooling fan which helps cool engine during hard work or under excessive load. SEMI-AUTOMATIC 5-SPEED TRANSMISSION A FIVE-SPEED transmission with a semi-automatic clutch is available on the F400F Model SELECTABLE SUB-TRANSMISSION High-low selectable sub-transmission helps provide maximum versatility over a variety of terrain. An automotive gate-type gearshift lever lets you conveniently choose high- or low-range, neutral or reverse. COMFORTABLE RIDE Suzuki’s innovative and exclusive T-shaped seat provides maximum rider mobility during sport riding and while tackling difficult terrain. INCREASED STOPPING POWER Dual front hydraulic disc brakes feature calipers with a large 34mm piston diameter and maximum brake-pad surface area for increased stopping power and outstanding durability
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