Honda TRX520 Rubicon IRS EPS 2023 $11,649.00 CAD *

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$11,649.00 CAD *
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+ $995 PDI/FRT + HST 2022 Honda® TRX520 Rubicon IRS EPS Features may include: Efficient, durable engine design Powerful liquid-cooled 518 cc engine is longitudinally mounted,allowing direct driveshaft alignment to both the front and rearwheels for enhanced drivetrain efficiency. Liquid cooling providesconsistent engine operating temperature in extreme conditionsfor enhanced power output and long engine life. Overhead-valvedesign provides compact engine dimensions for improved groundclearance while maintaining a broad, easy-to-use powerband.Rubber-cushion engine mounting and gear-driven counterbalancer reduce vibration. Easy and efficient Convenient electric starting, with an automatic internaldecompression system, gets you going quickly and easily. Alsoequipped with a recoil starter as back-up. Programmed FuelInjection (PGM-FI) improves power delivery and throttle response,and increases fuel efficiency for extended range. Integrated Electric Reverse Shift Lever The integrated electric reverse shift lever allows you to selectreverse without ever taking your hand off the handlebars. Even,you can by-pass Neutral; D to R which is ideal for plowing or tightmaneuvering areas. Quiet operation A sub-chamber in the air cleaner reduces resonant noise for quieteroperation. Stainless-steel exhaust system includesa muffler with spark arrestor that are designed for quiet operationand long-lasting performance. Strong and lightweight Durable double-cradle steel frame developed withComputer Aided Engineering is sturdy and lightweightfor precise handling and a smoother ride. Excellent Load and Towing Capacity Load capacity for the large front and rear carriers is 45 kg (99 lb.)and 85 kg (187 lb.) respectively. Heavy-duty trailer hitch with600 kg (1,322 lb.) towing capacity. Tackle any terrain 2WD/4WD system offers three drive modes: 2WD; 4WD withtorque-sensing front differential; and 4WD with locked frontdifferential to optimize traction. The system also features a SpeedOverride mode that can be engaged when the front differential islocked to allow increased wheel speed under severe conditions,such as deep mud. Durable comfort Aggressively styled Maxxis tires provide excellent comfort andtraction. Plastic CV joint boots on the front driveshafts are toughand tear-resistant with sealed steering-knuckle bearings forextended durability. Proven power steering This latest iteration of Honda’s proven Electric Power SteeringSystem (EPS) features even lighter steering effort and reducedkickback for enhanced comfort while maintaining a strong feelingof control. Strong visibility Twin-headlight system features 35-watt headlights with focusedlight distribution for improved visibility after dark. The headlightdimmer switch makes it easy to change between high and lowbeams to activate the top assist 50-watt light for more illuminationwhen you need it or allowing it to be turned off while carrying a loadon the front carrier. Pro-Connect™ Rack System Mount compatible accessories
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