Can-Am Maverick™ Sport X mr 1000R 2020 $25,899.00 CAD

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$25,899.00 CAD
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Fun 'n' Fast Deal: SAVE $600- Sale Price: $25,899 -Reg. Price: $26,499! 2020 Can-Am® Maverick™ Sport X mr 1000R MUD RUNNER FUN FOR THE DEPTHS. Haul through the mud: the 100 horsepower, Smart-Lok, and 64-in wide high-clearance suspension are your keys to ruling muddy, changeable terrain. Features may include: 100 horsepower Rotax 1000R engine TREBLE CHARGER At 100 horsepower, the roaring Maverick Sport X mr definitely won't leave you waiting by the side mud hole or stuck in it. Battle-tested Rotax V-twin technology has been around the block, around the track and around the world. So it’s only natural that it was the power plant of choice in side-by-side engineering to take you anywhere you want to go…as long as it's a challenge. 64-in stance TURN IT UP It's the Can-Am you expect: engineered to use every last bit of ll be nearly up to your ears in muck before the Maverick Sport X mr will be gasping for air. With a raised CVT snorkel intake and exhaust ports relocated to ensure your components will be protected from the mud and debris, better get your waders on. Snorkeled engine intake WAKE-UP CALL Hearing an exhaust burble behind your back is one thing, but hearing the air rush past your ears and down into a 100-hp Rotax engine as it roars through a mud hole is another experience entirely. Exclusive Smart-Lok Technology NEXT-GENERATION 4WD TRACTION The mud’s in deep trouble, now: the Maverick Sport X mr is equipped with the Smart-Lok* 4WD system. It gives on-the-fly, optimal power transfer to the ground in every condition by fully or progressively locking the front differential. With a Mud mode for deep, sticky terrain and steering that won’t bind up, it puts amazing capability behind the quick push of a 4-mode rocker switch. 30-in (76.2 cm) ITP Cryptid tires with 14-in (35.6 cm) cast-aluminum wheels with machined finish CARVE YOUR LINE The earth won't move itself, and on the terrain a Maverick Sport X mr is capable of driving through, the right tires and wheels are essential. With a tread carved for ultimate mud performance, 30-in (76.2 cm) ITP Cryptid tires are matched with 14-in (35.6 cm) cast-aluminum wheels to get you there and back in style. Front arched double A-arms, rear arched TTA with sway bar and FOX 2.5 PODIUM Piggyback shocks with QS3 DIAL IT UP Engineers endowed the Maverick Sport X mr with front arched A-arm and rear arched lower links for better obstacle clearance and FOX 2.5 PODIUM Piggyback shocks with front and rear QS3 compression adjustment, giving precise, responsive performance at all four corners. 4,500-lb (2,041 kg) winch & front tow hook REEL HANDY Pardon the pun, but a 4,500-lb (2,041 kg) winch and synthetic rope is useful for much more than rescuing friends. Recover f

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