Polaris RZR XP® Turbo S Velocity 2019 $27,499.00 CAD

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$27,499.00 CAD
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2019 RZR Turbo S Velocity 168 HP ProStar Turbo 92572" Width25"/25" Usable TravelWALKER EVANS 3.0 Velocity Series Shocks32 ITP Coyote Tires (8-Ply)16 Ground ClearanceXtreme Performance Isolated True On-Demand AWD/2WD. 2019 Polaris® RZR XP® Turbo S Velocity NASTIEST RZR EVER INTRODUCING THE NEW RZR XP TURBO S VELOCITY First, we released the 72'' Turbo S Beast. Now we're adding a new beast to the pack – with a 72'' stance, 168 HP, 32'' tires, and Walker Evans Velocity shocks. FEAR THE BEAST 72" Width. 168 HP. 32" Tires. 25" Usable Travel. When the terrain is unrelenting and landscape unknown, there’s no room for pretenders. Features may include: OFF ROAD RAGE INDUSTRY'S TOUGHEST MACHINE The new RZR XP® Turbo S has been completely re-engineered to be stronger and tougher in every respect. The vehicle’s monstrous 32" tires and massive 72" stance have been integrated into a brand new, stronger chassis that delivers ruthless performance that can’t be stopped. NASTY OUTSIDE. NICE INSIDE. ALL NEW DESIGN, INSIDE & OUT Inside the dark heart of the beast, surrounded by menacing new looks, the entire cockpit has been re-engineered — instinctive in nature, intuitive in control, and purposeful in detail. WALKER EVANS 3.0 VELOCITY SERIES SHOCKS New Velocity Series Walker Evans® Shocks feature a race-inspired calibration, with three progressive compression zones, to optimize every single inch of massive suspension travel for both low-speed comfort and high-speed performance. This race-proven design has earned countless victories in the most rugged places on earth. THE DRIVING FORCE IN OFF-ROAD POWER, SUSPENSION AND AGILITY There are no shortcuts to victory, and we never settle for second best. The all-new RZR XP® Turbo S defies reason with a breakthrough design delivering a menacing combination of performance and industry leading capability. WORLD-PROOF Industry’s Toughest Machine The new RZR XP Turbo S has been completely re-engineered to be stronger and tougher in every respect. The vehicle's bold dimensions and massive stance have been integrated into a more stable design that delivers ruthless performance that can't be stopped. MONSTROUS 32” TIRES For the first time ever... 32" tires offered straight from the factory on 15" aluminum wheels. Custom designed for more grip, control, and 8-ply rated for 249% more resistant to punctures than Maxxis® Bighorn 2.0s. We even turned up the EPS assist to point that rubber with effortless touch. TOWERING 16” CLEARANCE Nothing else measures up. The RZR XP Turbo S touts an unstoppable 16" of towering ground clearance, and even though we've pushed to new clearance heights we maintained the wickedly low center-of-gravity... Equal to current XP Turbo. MORE BEEF EVERYWHERE Anybody can slap a set of 32" on their buggy, but ours are mated to a completely redesigned system designed to handle the added force. Featuring stronger axles and high-clearance control arms, 3-times stronger drive system, reinforced chassis, and more r
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