Yamaha Raptor 90 2019 $3,499.00 CAD

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$3,499.00 CAD
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2017 Yamaha Raptor 90 CONQUER DIRT Remember the first ride you took? The freedom, and independence? How that feeling turned into a lifelong passion? Get your little one started on Yamaha's Raptor 90. Reverse and electric start with big-bike styling make the Raptor 90 easy to learn on while looking fast. Features may include: TERRAINABILITY Dual drum front and rear drum brakes provide consistent stopping power. Large, deep floorboards provide secure and safe support for a new rider's feet. POWER 89.9cc makes smooth, predictable power Reverse gear allows for better maneuverability in tight areas. DESIGN Electric start will get the novice rider up and running at the push of a button. Easy access to the air filter makes maintenance quick and convenient. ENGINE High efficiency and optimized valve timing provide good torque and a controllable power band at slow and high speed. STYLING The Raptor 90 is a dead ringer for the bigger models it shares its name with. Wide floorboards offer secure footing and protection. SUSPENSION 5 position adjustable spring preload on both front and rear shocks allow customization to suit rider weight, skill and riding conditions. EASY SHIFTING Prominent, gate style gear selector (F, N, R) makes for smooth, easy operation. Handlebar mounted indicator lights provide clear notification of drive selection. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Fully automatic transmission matches shifting with the best possible RPM for a smooth, controlled ride. OPTIMIZED STEERING ANGLE Steering angle and position on the Raptor 90 is optimized to ensure no excessive force is needed to control the ATV. One less thing for the new rider to worry about. SERVICEABILITY Tools-free access to the air filter allows for easy to maintain intake system while still providing a high degree of filtering ability. EXHAUST Exhaust system meets all emissions targets, while still offering good power and less noise. FUEL TANK Non-permeating, steel fuel tank for heightened durability and the 6.6L capacity ensures enough fuel for long rides, without adding too much extra weight. SEAT Lever lock seat clasp provides easy access. Thick cushion offers a comfotable seat for all day riding. BATTERY Convenient VRLA battery means there is no need to check electrolyte balances or add distilled water.