What is a Utility ATV?

When you’re thinking about buying a Utility ATV there is a lot to think about. You first have to find out what kind of riding you will be doing. Are you an average trail rider, are you going to be using your bike to do work. Are you more into finding mud or riding the more extreme rough trails that Canada has to offer. The utility category can be the more intense decision when you are buyer. It can be overwhelming for the enthusiast. This is especially true if you’re new to the ATV world. There is a huge variety of different sizes and styles that can suite everyone’s needs but there are so many brands and each brand is special for each rider.

If you’re a beginner and not too sure were to start, a good place is usually online. All the major ATV manufacturing companies have wonderful websites that show specifications, prices and comparison charts.

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After you have done your research you must think about safety and what you feel your riding ability is and take this into consideration of the size of ATV's as well. There is a huge variety of displacement, everywhere from 300cc to 1000cc ATV's. If you’re a beginner jumping on a 1000cc for a first time is probably not a good idea. After you have to ask yourself what you’re going to use it for, and what your budget is like. The added accessories that dealerships or brands will give with each purchase is also a bonus when looking at buying a new ATV as well.

Usually beginner riders buy in the small to medium bore range and eventually upgrade to the bigger more aggressive bikes once they find themselves comfortable. Intermediate to Extreme riders seem to go towards the more advanced setups, medium and Big bore ATV’s. Displacement from 700cc-1000cc, better suspension setups will help control the fatigue when you’re out riding rough trails for long periods of time. There is a differences in transmission setups, Honda is known for their oil bathed Hondamatic transmission which is similar to the cars we drive, which is the only company on the market that still uses this style of transmission. Majority of ATV companies use the CVT (Continuously variable transmission) setup now. Which is belt driven, a similar style as a snowmobile.

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There are a lot of steps that should be taken before spending those hard earn dollars and it’s a good thing to read all the options, do your research and don't be afraid to take your time before purchasing your first or next utility ATV.

If you’re planning on riding rockier, rough trails of Northern Canada you should stick to a bike that is more average in power, handling and suspension as well as known for good quality and toughness. Tires should be radial and the bike should have full 4 wheel drive or locking differential for those moments you need to get out of a tight spot. If you’re a mud enthusiast and are looking for a bike that doesn't hesitate in the deep stuff. The bike you should look for is a powerful 4 wheel drive with a bigger lugged tire to get traction in the mud or skeg. If your just a causal trail rider and want something comfortable its best to look for a bike that has sport feel and has a good IRS (independent rear suspension.

There are many bikes out there for work and all brands have different work machines. Some brands such as Polaris and Can-am have a 6x6 bike and they are strictly for work and they have a small storage box on the back of the bike. They can hold wood, gear and other things you need to haul, to do the job quick and fast on those trails or spots a truck can't go at the same speed.

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